Lori’s Woodwork

Lori has been working on her wood tables for a couple of years now perfecting her hobby turning it into her creative art. Learning the many techniques that are used to create beautiful wooden tables, shelves, benches, and more.

The many styles of finished wood range from classic-looking woodwork to custom-designed pieces. The one thing each and every one of her finished woodworks has in common is that each and every piece is an original one of a kind hand made piece of art.

Lori enjoys everything about creating each piece, always excited to see the final result, with every piece more amazing than the one before.

Lori started selling her woodwork on her facebook page not realizing how interested people would be in her wood hobby. eventually, she started her group on facebook called Lori’s New Woodwork.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, she is more than happy to custom design wood pieces per request.